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Short-Term Rental Murals

Painting indoor and outdoor murals in STR's is a favorite of ours! One of our main goals in working with clients is to help their listing communicate the unique experience guests will have staying at your property through murals.

Murals can contribute to an overall positive guest experience by creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. This can lead to repeat bookings and positive word-of-mouth recommendations, helping to build a loyal customer base.

Whether you want to highlight local attractions, full send a theme or simply bring some color and interest to your space, a mural in your STR adds a unique and visually appealing touch to the property, increasing your online curb-appeal and helping your property to stand out from the competition.  

Ready to level up your listing with a custom mural? Check out our work and let us help you create the ultimate guest experience!

STR Mural Benefits

Murals can provide several benefits to short-term rentals, enhancing the overall experience for guests and attracting more bookings. Here are some ways murals can benefit short-term rentals -

Curb Appeal

Murals can add a unique and visually appealing touch to the property, making it stand out from other rental options. This uniqueness can be a major selling point for guests looking for a memorable and special stay.

Free Marketing

Murals create Instagrammable moments, encouraging guests to share their experiences on social media. This is free marketing for your property as guests share their positive experiences with their followers, potentially attracting more bookings.

See Our Latest STR Murals


Get in Touch

Schedule a free consultation to see if a mural is what your space needs! Whether you own a business, are ready to level up your listing, or want to make your home uniquely yours, we'd love to chat!

Allie and Jessi painting each other with colorful paints, against a purple background
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