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An image of Allie and Jessie in a photo studio, sitting on a painted sheet. Allie is reaching over and painting on Jessi's shirt.

Serotonin Spaces


Elevate your space with a unique mural

We design hand-painted murals for all spaces - businesses, public spaces, short term rentals, homes - we believe that everyone and every space deserves a mural.

More than just an Instagram moment, we've witnessed how a professional mural transforms your space and how people interact with it. 

Ready to make a change and elevate your space? Check out our work and let's get in touch!

Arch styled paintings in a bedroom

Short-Term Rentals

Game room with a pool table and poker tables, that is showcasing a Keep Austin Weird mural

Local Businesses

Colorful retro style mural, with yellow, green, pink, and blue colorsthat scales across a living room wall


The owners of Serotonin Spaces smiling in front of on of their Short Term Rental murals

Serotonin Collection

Paintbrush with yellow and blue paint on it

Other Services

Wildflower Care Home.png
Seven Spirits 2.png
Fresh Faced.webp
NATIIVO (transparent).png
Ceremony Social Spa.jpeg
Quarencia Retirement (transparent).png
Allie and Jessi sitting in a white room with paint cans, paint brushes, and a laptop

The Women Behind Serotonin Spaces

Serotonin Spaces was founded by Jessi and Allie at the start of 2023. Jessi is the business and Allie is the artist, and together we have been making spaces happy one mural at a time. 

Get in Touch

Schedule a free consultation to see if a mural is what your space needs! Whether you own a business, are ready to level up your listing, or want to make your home uniquely yours, we'd love to chat!

Allie and Jessi painting each other with colorful paints, against a purple background
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