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Our mission is to create a seamless experience for our clients to transform their spaces with the creation and installation of beautiful murals.

Commissioning a mural can be a new and daunting task, but we make it easy for you with a streamlined process and clear steps along the way.


Plus, we use our branding powers, experience, and expertise to give you a distinct visual identity that tells your story, so you can stand out in your industry and create connections with your customers.

Photo of Allie and Jessi throwing paintbrushes in the air while smiling


We met at our corporate job in tech-sales and immediately hit it off. After about 4.5 years, two companies, a few promotions, and two layoffs, we decided to go all in on a business together.


The idea for Serotonin Spaces sparked when we would paint after work together in our homes. After we ran out of walls to paint in our own homes, we knew we needed to expand. We discovered how much joy it brought us and wanted to share this joy with the rest of the world.

With Allie’s background in art, and Jessi’s background in business, we knew we were perfect team to take this to the next level.


Our murals are for everyone and will transform any space. Bold, easy to understand, and engaging, our murals will change how people interact with your business.


Clients enjoy partnering with us because we are easy to work with, offer flexible schedules, and efficiently deliver quality work, plus we are FUN and make the mural process easy for everyone involved.


We are both deeply passionate about all things mental health, so we are excited to make more spaces peaceful and happy!



Grace Dupuy, TX

“I had a vision of something retro, bright and colorful, and they brought my dreams to life! I couldn't be happier with this mural in my Airbnb. The design and plan process was so interesting and fun, and the girls are so talented. Thank you!!"

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