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Wildflower Care Home

As a new business, telling your story can be overwhelming. This client came to us knowing that her message and branding is all about wildflowers. Living in Central Texas, the wildflowers in spring are almost indescribably. So we wanted to create something that can translate from the wall to anyone that steps foot in this care home. It is designed to be a space with hands on attention with the residents (65+) and to create an atmosphere of creativity and happiness. Our client embodied her brand. We did research on every type of flower we painted so that each flower meaning aligned with the businesses mission. Essentially, we "handpicked" them from the meadow. This is a focal point when you walk into the home and we cannot wait for the joy it will bring to it's residents for years to come. 

Learn more about Owner Danielle's mission and Wildflower Care Home here.

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