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Local Businesses

As a local business, your mission matters. Whether your customers find you on search engines, social media, or walking by your location, you ultimately have to be chosen. This is where we help!

There are many benefits of art within a business, but there's a few statistics that stand out to us the most:

5-10% revenue increase

On average, businesses who have custom art or murals to differentiate their business see a baseline 5-10% revenue increase.

15% employee satisfaction

Most businesses also see an average of 15% increase in employee satisfaction & production!


Not only can a mural bring in more customers, but it can also lead to happier employees.

We believe that a custom mural that aligns with your brand offers your customers a unique and memorable way to engage with your business. More than just providing that perfect Instagrammable moment, a custom mural can show your customers who you are, and build a sense of culture & community within your business.


Ready to elevate your brand with a custom mural? Check out our work and let us help share your story!

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Schedule a free consultation to see if a mural is what your space needs! Whether you own a business, are ready to level up your listing, or want to make your home uniquely yours, we'd love to chat!

Allie and Jessi painting each other with colorful paints, against a purple background
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